MB10 $395.00 (includes free fedex shipping)

MB11 $495.00  (includes free fedex shipping)

The MicronBlaster is an affordable solution for precision micro sand blasting for a variety of uses.

The MicronBlaster can be used for fossil preparation, de-burring, texturing and finishing small metal parts for machine shops, arts and crafts, glass etching, jewelry making, electronics manufacturing and dental lab use.

Affordable enough for the amateur or home hobbyist yet built for industrial and professional use.

Precision Within Reach

Micro sand blasting works by mixing a precise pressurized volume of air with a very fine abrasive media and directing it through a small precision pen tip made of carbide to remove small amounts of unwanted material with precision accuracy. Please go to the about page to learn more.

The Micronblaster2 (MB11) has a lighted, built in blasting chamber to contain the excess used media.

The MB11 includes a built in sand collection tray to hold and reuse the excess sand or media

It also contains a built in exhaust vent and hose to clear the chamber of excess media for a clear dust free work environment (uses standard shop vac not included)